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  • God's word is the ultimate word
    In any dialect or sign,
    He spoke us into existence
    Now poetic prose is mine....

  • Expectations abound and become their dreams
    All those who write these letters,
    About lonely times, cold nights and other things
    But one day it will be better....

  • All I can offer you is my garden
    It's a new thing for me you should know,
    For fifteen years I have lived in this house
    And many more I would like to go....

  • The Earth tilts down and the world rejoices
    Babies are born, more and more voices
    The sun warms the surface and mocking birds sing
    It was God Himself who made the Spring!...

  • The days of life too quickly pass
    Time like a river flows
    Rotations around the sun they say
    And as we age it shows!...

  • You may think I have known many women
    But really it's just a few,
    There was that first one when I was seven
    Oh her eyes were blue!...

  • If I should go today
    I would not be so sad,
    His loving kindness has surrounded me
    And what comes will make me glad....